Friday, June 28, 2019

Why PCC Needs an Executive Pastor

What is an Executive Pastor and how is it different than the Senior Pastor?

An Executive Pastor is different from the Senior Pastor or any other pastoral staff in that he or she gives more immediate oversight to the overall organization of the church  – planning, directing, strategy, allocating of resources, and evaluating the ministries of the church.  An X Pastor is the overseer of operations, a strategist, and supervisor.

An X Pastor would also be directly involved in the ministries of the church, with a “hands on” approach to Bible studies & classes, age-level ministries, children, teens, seniors, etc., by providing leadership, encouragement, resources, and support to everyone involved. 

In short, an X Pastor is the human nerve-center for everything organizational – freeing up the senior pastor to preach, teach, and shepherd the flock more effectively.  An X Pastor ensures that “things get done”, that communication takes place, that unity is maintained, that ministries are running well, and mission-drift does not set in.  Most immediately, he or she relates directly to all staff and volunteers (paid and unpaid) as the central hub that all the spokes fit into.  In other words, he or she is the “single point of contact” for operations.  

Since we don’t have an X Pastor right now, all of these duties are shouldered by our current (limited) staff.... and this load is on top of our regular full-time jobs.  As such, we are spread too thin, which leaves our church less effective.... across the board.  Our church has simply outgrown our current model of ministry. 

I think PCC could benefit from an X Pastor.

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