Tuesday, July 20, 2021


A Keystone Habit is any habit that translates into other good habits, creating postive change unexpectedly in other parts of life.  It leads to a cascade of other actions and benefits. 

Exercise is one such habit.  For instance,  regular exercise not only improves our physical fitness, (i.e, you lose body fat, become lean, look better, gain muscle, get stronger, etc), but it also results in numerous other positive benefits which can literally TRANSFORM our lives.

Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly consume less alcohol, smoke less, and become more productive at work.

Those who exercise regularly are generally happier… more motivated… less depressed… and make healthier eating choices.  Regular exercise also helps with insomnia, memory loss, and combats Alzheimer’s.

When exercising the body produces hormones (Serotonin and Endorphins) that make us feel good, lift our mood, and fight disease.  These feel-good endorphins also boost our self-confidence.

Then there's the matter of self-discipline.  It requires self-discipline to exercise daily which improves our self-control in other areas, making it easier to say no to destructive choices. 

For example, if you put forth the effort to go to bed early to get enough sleep so you can get up early to workout, you’re not going to turn around and drive through the nearest fast food joint for an artery-clogging deluxe breakfast. 

Experts say that regular exercise is like taking a magical pill for your brain, and if there were ever a drug that could do for your health what exercise can, it would be the most valuable pharmaceutical ever developed. 

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