Friday, March 20, 2020


1. As of right now, Pace Community Church is still open. We are maintaining office hours during the week and Worship Services are a GO this Sunday.

2. This is a fluid situation, so we are assessing from week to week to determine what we will do. If the situation worsens or we have an actual outbreak, we will cancel without hesitation.

3. We have standby plans in the event a law is passed limiting the number of people allowed in one building at a time. We have 25 acres of land, and if we have to, we can meet under the oak trees in our park area. We’ve done it before. We can put up a circus tent if we need to and have an open air event outdoors.

4. After talking with some of the men in our church this morning, they were in favor of keeping our doors open. They said, “Even if only a handful of people show up this Sunday, we can still gather around the coffee pot in the atrium to hear a brief word and pray for one another.”

5. I don’t care if we are the only church in Santa Rosa County that is open.  HERE'S WHY: In times of darkness, misinformation, and fear, God’s house and God’s people MUST BE AVAILABLE. The Word of God commands it. The early church understood this and laid their lives on the line for it.

6. People are concerned about being exposed to others and don’t know what to do. THE ANSWER? What did you do during the recent flu season of 2019 that killed approximately 61,000 people in the United States, including children? Did you stop coming to church? NO. Did you stop participating in ministries? NO. Did you stay home? NO.
--You came to church. You washed your hands. You laid hands on people and prayed for them. You     
   MINISTERED in the PUBLIC ARENA! And you stayed home only if you were sick.
--THAT is what we do!

7. CONSIDER THIS: Right now – in Florida – a state of 22 MILLION people there have been 9 deaths from COVID-19. Yet there have been more than 3000 deaths from the flu alone!  Before COVID, there were NO MANDATES to shutter churches, close business, stop free commerce, batten down the hatches, and bring the economy to a grinding halt.

8. Let’s put this in perspective.

--Are you still going to work?
--To the grocery store?
--To the gym?
--Eating out?
--Did you turn out to vote last Tuesday?
--If you own a business, are your doors still open to the public?

9. No one has to attend services at PCC. No one needs our permission to stay home either. People do it on their own anyway (the other 51 Sundays of the year). But what I want you to know is WE ARE AVAILABLE for those who WANT to be here.

10. I WOULD LIKE TO ASK YOU A FAVOR: Invite your friends and family to church with you this Sunday. Especially those who may not have a church home of their own. No strings attached. If someone from another church would like to attend with us (because their church has cancelled services), they are welcome. We will not try to proselyte them to our church. We will not ask them to donate. They should keep their tithes for their home church. We are not sheep stealers and I have never pilfered the pews of a neighboring pastor. We are open to all believers and true seekers.

11. Finally, we will “not forsake meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing…. but we will encourage one another – and ALL THE MORE as we see the Day approaching” (Hebrews 10:25).


Ron Christian
Pastor, PCC