Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's Happening at PCC?

I just got home from a men’s small group I attend on Wednesday evenings. I’ve got to say there are some exceptional things happening with our small groups ministry right now:

1. Today (Wednesday) some 90 people participated in group life.

2. Yesterday (Tuesday) some 50 people participated in group life.

3. Tomorrow it will be the same.

4. Yesterday a friend of mine, a local pastor, stopped by the office to ask me about our small groups ministry. By the time he left I had given him a full packet of material. He and his Executive Pastor are going to review it and (possibly) borrow some ideas to implement in their church. The church he pastors is larger than ours, so it made me feel good that he felt like we had something to offer.

Our MUSIC & WORSHIP Ministry
Aside from offering our congregation an exceptional opportunity for vertical worship each week, our church band is downright good. Exceptional leadership, gifted singers, talented musicians, new people, and (finally) real team chemistry.

1. We now have three drummers.

2. Get this, our #2 drummer used to play with CHRIS TOMLIN! Yes, the nationally-known Chris Tomlin. And this guy is our number-two drummer. What do you think that says about our current talent level?

3. The new violinist is jaw-dropping good.

4. The percussion section (bonga/congas) is about to expand with new talent too.

5. The brass section screams with excellence.