Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ten Reasons to Attend Pace Community Church

Each Sunday I stroll around our campus and through our building just to soak it all in. It’s exciting to see so many happy people walking up our sidewalk in anticipation of the start of service. It's a joy for me to also see so many of our volunteers, cheerful servants, at their post of duty diligently carrying out their tasks. From the parking lot, to inside of the building, there is so much laughter, excitement, and enjoyment that fills the air. Something is really happening in our midst.

Though I might be a little biased about our church, here are ten reasons to attend.

1. Lives are being changed by God's power.

2. There is a sense of excitement the moment you walk on the campus.

3. We have more than just mere members, we have enthusiastic fans!

4. Our children's ministry is one of the best in the area!

5. Our student ministry is what you would call deep impact.

6. Our preschool and nursery areas are safe, clean, and staffed with loving people.

7. Our band leads us into vertically-focused worship of God.

8. I know it's not about building, but man what a building!

9. Our greeters and parking attendants actually love to greet!

10. This church is headed somewhere.

I am grateful for the people of PCC who make it happen. We have a Biblical mandate, a Christ-exalting vision, a God-centered theology, and a people-targeted message. It’s a privilege for me to serve here.