Friday, February 22, 2008

Word-of-Mouth Evangelism...

Last Sunday I met a family in the atrium who has been attending with us for two months. I asked them, “How was it that you first began attending PCC?” The answer they gave me is the one I hear most often; “We were invited by some friends of ours who already attend here.”.

Sure, some people come because they saw the building. Others found us on the internet. Some may have seen our ad in the local newspaper. But the number one reason Pace Community Church grows each year is because our members invite their friends.

This speaks volumes about our church and our members. It means the people who call PCC their church home are not embarrassed of their church and realize their friends can find spiritual help here.

Nothing makes up for a satisfied customer who turns into a spiritual evangelist.

Thanks PCC! You make it happen.