Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Holy Cow - I'm Pumped!

4The offices are full of people today helping us with a large mailing in preparation for Easter. Awesome volunteers!

4Tomorrow more than 16,000 pieces go into the mail. (15,000 invite cards will go to the community at large. 1,200 letters will be mailed to those in our records).

4We will be repainting the walls sometime this week too.

4Easter Sunday is our 10th Anniversary.

4This year is going to be an awesome year at PCC.

4I am very proud of our age-level ministry staff & workers (nursery, children, teens) who do such a great job.

4Our small groups ministry is a smashing success.

4Several stories of life-change have came in this week.

4Lot’s of big things planned for this year.

Holy cow, I’m pumped!