Monday, March 17, 2008

Some Random Facts about Me

Some of My Favorite Movies:

  • Shaw Shank Redemption
  • The Borne Identity (the series)
  • Open Range
  • Dances with Wolves
  • The Firm

Favorite Restaurants:

  • P F Changs (last time I ate there was in California)
  • Bone Fish Grill (Pensacola)
  • La Hacienda (wish the cops hadn't raided that place)

Bands/People I Have Seen in Concert (in the 70’s)

  • Alice Cooper
  • ZZ Top
  • Elton John
  • BB King
  • Johnny Winter
  • Edgar Winter
  • Willie Nelson
  • Leon Russell
  • Waylon Jennings
  • Bocehpus (Hank Williams Jr)
  • Sly & the Family Stone
  • There were a lot more, but uh, like uh, I can’t remember them man.

Some Places I would Love to Visit

  • Grand Canyon
  • Yosemite and Yellowstone
  • Italy & the Mediterranean coast
  • Ireland
  • New York City

Some places I have been

  • Hawaii
  • Germany
  • Panama (Central America)
  • Mexico
  • Chicago - WIllow Creek Church
  • Mission Viejo California - Saddleback Church
  • Key West

What I'm Most Pleased About Right Now

  • My family
  • To be part of PCC
  • The team of volunteers who serve each week
  • Our church staff