Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Never Start Something New Based Upon Your Dislike of the Old One

Any new ministry ought to come into existence because of what it stands for, not what it’s against. Never build a vision based upon what you are against. Build a vision for something new.

Jesus always defined Himself by what He stood for. While He did have sharp words for the Pharisees at times, He didn’t base His life and ministry on all the ways the Pharisees were wrong. He based it on the will of God for His life.

If you start a new church, a new ministry, a new business, or even a new relationship based upon what you despise or are against, you are building on a faulty foundation. It will struggle.

It’s very common for new churches or new ministries to be launched based upon what they are against or their dislike of the old. This leads to spiritual deadness and a dull atmosphere when the congregation meets or the group gathers. i.e., People know something is amiss.

There's a better way.

Find out what God wants you to do. Begin there, and you're sure to succeed.