Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quick Hits

I'VE BEEN SICK! In fact, Renae and I both are sick. We have come down with a very nasty cold this week. Caught it Sunday. Now it's Thursday and we have not experienced much improvement. Hope to be better by Sunday.

I understand that several others in our church family have got something similar.

It's a bummer to have a cold - especially when it's SPRING and the weather is gorgeous.

The COST ESTIMATE for our NEW CHURCH SIGN has Arrived. This Sunday we will show a picture of the sign and reveal the cost. The following Sunday we will be receiving a special offering from our church family to cover this expense. It's going to be a very beautiful sign and will represent a signficant upgrade from our current sign. Please pray about this and consider what you might like to contribute towards this project.