Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life!

I’ve always wanted to say that but didn’t think I could get away with saying it in a sermon, so I’ll have to be content saying here on my blog.

Actually this is the title to one of the books I am reading. I bought the book about two years ago and I’m re-reading it again. I like the book because it’s got some major attitude and a certain edge.

Since the author, Larry Winget, is not a follower of Christ (as we might define one) he uses some blunt language in this book to make his point. The sub-title of the book is “A Kick-Butt Approach to a Better Life.” Man, this book has got attitude!

I certainly don't agree with all he says, particularly his opinions on moral issues. But let me say it again - this book has got attitude! It's a refreshing, humorous read.

Basically the book is saying you are responsible for whatever is going on in your life, so deal with it. Stop blaming others. Stop whining. Get over it. Get a life. Move on. Get a vision for yourself. Leave others alone. If you are unhappy, unsuccessful, fat, overweight, lazy, uneducated, or not accomplishing enough, then do something about it. But please don’t blame others. You are the cause. You are WHERE you are at right now because of the decisions YOU have made or failed to make.

There’s a large does of reality here. i.e., You can sit around with a group of pessimists and have gripe sessions about how cruel the world is, express despair over the high cost of living, complain about the democrats, criticize other churches, and blame others for your own lack of success. Or you can take responsibility for your station in life; change your attitude, start hanging out with smart people, and move on.

As some point we have to take ownership.

I leave you with this quote from page 28…

“We are all self-made. But only the successful will admit it.”

- Anonymous