Monday, May 19, 2008

Excellence in Ministry (Part 1)

At PCC we have a limited number of ministries BY DESIGN – because we have come to realize that it is better to accomplish a few ministries with excellence rather than offering a full menu of ministries done poorly.

This week I want to talk about the ministries of PCC and having the right attitude while serving. It’s important that everyone in the PCC family reaffirm their commitments to a standard of excellence. We are only as strong as the level of commitments we maintain.

So here goes.........

We have one of the best children’s ministries in the entire area. Go to any church in a two-county area and you will discover that ours rates as one of the best. This is a direct reflection of the exceptional leadership provided by Cathy Denny and her entire team. Without a doubt, PCC would not be where it is today without this vital ministry having been carried out in such an excellent manner.

Excellence in children’s ministry begins with being CLEAN and SAFE! Those are the two basics. PCC conducts BACKGROUND CHECKS on all our teachers, workers, and supervisors. NO ONE is GRANDFATHERED IN – no matter how long they may have served. If someone is unwilling to allow us to conduct a background check, then we are unwilling to expose our children to them – without apology

Regarding cleanliness, we believe it is next to godliness. We clean, re-clean, disinfect, repaint walls, mop, sweep, and then do it all over again. We like our rooms to smell fresh. No diaper odors - stuff like that.

The children’s ministry team uses top-rated curriculum and keeps themselves abreast of current trends, while at the same time remaining absolutely faithful to the truths of God’s unchanging Word. We believe our children are worth it.

We also believe that having a GOOD ATTITUDE while serving it absolutely essential for all our workers. If a worker DOES NOT SHOW UP ON TIME with a smile and willingness to do “whatever it takes” or COMPLAINS, or DEMORALIZES the rest of the team, they are confronted. If a negative attitude continues, we actually release that volunteer from serving – (you may want to read that last line again). Yes, we actually release people if they are contrary and don’t behave Christ-like.

Why do we strive for this standard of excellence in our children’s ministry? Because a standard of excellence in all we do HONORS GOD and INSPIRES PEOPLE – plus, OUR KIDS ARE WORTH IT!

Hats off to the Children's Ministry Team of PCC for a JOB WELL-DONE ---- YOU GUYS ROCK!