Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Reflections...

It’s Friday, 6:15 PM. I’m at home in my easy chair reflecting on my work week and the people in our church family. I’ve got to say – we have some amazing people at this church! This past week I have heard some heart-warming stories of life-change; how people discovered our church, started attending, found Christ, and now serve with gladness. The common refrain in all of them is how PCC was so instrumental in saving their lives. This is very humbling to me.

The church offices have been a bee-hive of activity this week too. So many volunteers with time off from work, or who are free in the day time, came by to simply help out or either were working on some other project. A lot of noise was in the hallways, people walking in-and-out of the offices, lots of laughter, and a whole lot of work getting done. We ate lunch together.

I was made for this.

Hats off to our housekeeping team who diligently and faithfully cleans the restrooms, atrium, and kitchen in preparation for Sunday hospitality. Thank you to the lady who comes each week and vacuums the carpet, which takes hours! Much appreciation to the ladies who prepare the bulletins each Friday. Thank you to the man who mows our campus grounds bi-weekly, adding beauty to our campus. Thank you to every single person who faithfully serves the Lord by serving in your church. There’s too many of you to mention!

One of the reasons I’m having so much fun in ministry these days is because God has filled our church with the right people at just the right time! I am surrounded by people who are not a drain. Highly motivated. Amazing character. Pleasant to be with. No hidden agenda. Not jockying for a postion. Not interested in a title. Are happy to work from behind the scenes. Just want to take more ground for Jesus and advance the kingdom.

Yea, I was made for this.