Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Laser Vision

Some churches barely survive because they have no clear vision. They limp along Sunday after Sunday with no real sense of purpose. A church without a clearly defined mission/vision/purpose eventually becomes a MUSEUM of YESTERDAY’S TRADITIONS.

Focused light has tremendous power. Diffused light has no power at all. For example, by focusing the power of the sun through a magnifying glass, you can set a leaf on fire. But you can’t set a leaf on fire if the same sunlight is unfocused. When light is concentrated at an ever higher level, like a laser beam, if can cut through a block of steel.

We have a concentrated vision & mission at PCC.

VISION HIJACKERS show up all the time. They want to have a say in what happens and how the church looks. They say, “The way we did it in my last church was…” But the problem is they left their old church for a reason – so I’m not going to allow them to turn us into that. My usual response is, “If it was working so well in your last church, then why did you leave?” Works every time.

I’m not interested in PCC becoming a clone of another church. We are who we are. We don’t let anyone mess with our vision & mission.

One of the problems that many churches get themselves into is MAJORING on the MINORS. They become distracted by good, but less important, agendas, crusades, and purposes. The energy of the church is diffused and dissipated. That’s why we MAJOR on the MAJORS. In other words, we keep the main thing the main thing.

People want to join and be a part of a church that KNOWS WHERE IT IS GOING. When a church clearly communicates its direction, people are eager to become involved.

We grow WARMER through FELLOWSHIP.
We grow STRONGER through WORSHIP.
We grow BROADER through MINISTRY.
We grow LARGER through EVANGELISM.

That’ why PCC is such a great church.