Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Night Brain Spill.....

Sunday – Mother’s Day. PACKED HOUSE! Had to bring out extra chairs.

Lot’s of new faces, guests, and visitors.

The Lord seemed to touch some hurting people today – especially parents.

The band introduced a new song.

Our violinist performed a solo during the offering.

The children’s VBS worship team closed out service with four songs.

One man was talking to me in the atrium. He choked up and tears filled his eyes as he told me how much PCC means to him and what God has done in his life. Has been attending with us about 1 ½ years. Gave his life to Christ. Active in a small group. Joined the ushers ministry. Started out as someone far from God – now serving Christ, growing, serving in ministry, and full of joy. These stories of life-change make it all worth it.

A total of $6,800.00 came in (above and beyond our regular offerings) for the purchase of a new church sign. Yea God and thank you PCC!

I am ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHED and the NUMBERS of NEW FAMILIES that our church CONTINUES to DRAW IN each week. Simply amazing.

On family stopped me in the atrium after the first service – (lovely family, he’s an attorney) - and told me how delighted they were to have found PCC as their church home. Her exact words were, “There is a good vibe in this place and you guys are doing an amazing work here.” He said, “We are really impressed at what has been accomplished here – and we sense God is moving.”

Another family stopped me in the atrium and asked if I would pray for the husband. He was sick. The entire family and I joined hands (all five of us) and prayed right there on the spot. The Holy Ghost manifested Himself and touched the man before he walked out the door.

After the first service was over, almost no one left. The atrium was still full when people started arriving for the second service. Man, was there ever a BUZZ IN THE HOUSE today.

Have I mentioned the NUMBERS of NEW FAMILIES that we CONTINUE to DRAW each week?

Great day!