Thursday, May 8, 2008

Welcome Church Planters and Pastors!

It appears that word has gotten out about my blog and its reach now extends beyond our own community into several other states - other pastors and church planters are logging on to see what yours truly has to say. This is encouraging.

Because of this, I will begin to post even more articles about church planting, leadership, pastoring, and ministry-related topics. To my PCC family - please BE ADVISED, some of this material will have a certain EDGE to its content. No, it's going to be brutally honest. Because pastoring and church planting is such a unique calling/vocation, we encounter issues that are not typical to the general population. Pastors talk about things among themselves you wouldn't believe.

Of course, I will also continue to post personal information about myself and topics that are specific to PCC (such as insider news). Everything will be encouraging and uplifting.

We’re going national!