Thursday, May 22, 2008


Did not post yesterday – had a very busy day - 14 hours.

Attended two small groups – love those guys.

CORE Classes are beginning to shape up – teachers have been chosen, curriculum has been selected, and the starting date established. Now we are working on the details. Will keep you updated.

June will be busy and exciting – DadFest, Vacation Bible School, and Water Baptism.

CORE Classes begin in July.

101 will be offered in July.

201 will be offered in August.

Fall Semester for small groups begins in August or September.

It seems like every time I go into town someone will walk up to me who recognizes me but I don’t recognize them. Happens all the time. Has happened four times this week. It’s pretty freaky to always be in someone’s headlights.

There are some amazing people at PCC.

I will return to the “Excellence in Ministry” series later today or first thing tomorrow morning.