Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baptism Sunday

Under the looming threat of rain in the distance we held our baptism service today, baptizing forty (40) people - about fifteen children and twenty-five adults. What an awesome day. Our first service was so packed we had to bring out extra chairs for seating. There was a lot of celebration, hand clapping, and even a few were crying as we were privileged to witness this event.

Do you know what baptism is?
  • It is ones pledge of allegiance to Jesus Christ
  • It is ones expression of seeking identification with Jesus Christ
  • Its ones opportunity to publicly confess Christ before men

While it is the role of the Holy Spirit to baptize people into the body of Christ (for salvation), water baptism (carried out by men) is how we identify new believers and receive them into the fellowship of God's family, symbolizing their death, burial, and resurrection to live a new life in Christ.

What a day it was. I am very thankful that we could have a little part in God's great big plan.

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