Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Debrief

  • Good services today. Lot’s of visitors. Attendance was up. The second service was up in attendance too. Looks like a lot of (new & visiting) people are finding a home in the second service – and it feels like a second “congregation” is beginning to form. Very exciting!

  • Band – You may have noticed two new faces on the stage today. This man & woman did a fill-in for us because a couple of our regular singers were out. They did an excellent job singing, helping lead worship, and were a good blend with the rest of the team. I think it is good and healthy for the family of PCC to see new faces and talent. Keeps things fresh. You don’t know what to expect next.

  • Closed the service today with a video – produced by one of the guys on our tech team. BTW, the pictures of the clouds were shots he took himself while flying. We have some amazing talent in PCC.

  • Excellent worship. God’s presence came down today in both services. There was spontaneous expressions of worship, hand lifting, clapping, crying, and shouts of praise. Something is happening.

  • Preaching. Finished the sermon series “Eternal Realities” with a message entitled “The Judgment Seat of Christ.” After service today the CDs flew off the shelf and we sold out in ten minutes! In both services! A lot of people had to submit order forms requesting a copy. We did not anticipate such a response.

  • PCC can take hard preaching. We just don't like "mean preachers" - and there is a difference.

  • Giving. We received an excellent offering today. Plus, an additional $3000.00 in designated giving came in towards our lighting upgrade! This means the lighting project is completely paid for. In fact, giving has been up the last two months. For this we are thankful – to all of you who give, and to God.

  • After church we went out to lunch. A dear saint in our church invited my entire family and Renae’s entire family to lunch today. There was a total of fifteen of us! She picked up the tab. Amazing woman. The fellowship was very enjoyable and uplifting.

  • This afternoon Renae and I took our three dogs up to Blackwater State Forest to take a swim in the river. It was very nice. The water was cool, and the forest is like having a retreat area in our own back yard. What it does for me to de-tangle my mind words cannot tell.

  • I love our church.

  • I love what I do.

  • Mostly, I love what God is doing at PCC!