Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yesterday at the Office

Kind of a mad house yesterday – but a lot of fun too. It was good to have Cathy (our children’s ministry pastor & director) in the office spending time with us – now that school has let out. There were some teenagers hanging out in Renae’s office – playing music, cutting up, making noise and having way too much fun! Had a man on the roof making repairs. Another lady showed up asking to use one of the classrooms to pray. Gene and I were hunkered down in our offices doing our normal Tuesday stuff – but we also worked on fixing a broken microphone and had to check the grinding station (out back) in the sewer! There were some funky odors in the restrooms and it looked like we had a major back up of fertilizer. The power went off, the alarm wasn’t working, and we had to get the door chime fixed. Gene is still working on our new web site – hope to get it launched this week. Final details are being put in place for Dadfest. Need to get the church grounds mowed this week - the whole campus. Vacation Bible School starts next Monday. Busy.