Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Got to Give a SHOUT OUT!

Most of you know I am very proud of our workers, volunteers, ministry leaders, small group leaders, and all the people who serve on our ministry teams. A fact that I make mention of often – on this blog site and in the weekend services. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a few others specifically – your church staff.

Cathy Denny - Children
Renae Christian - Worship & Youth
Gene Tharp - Administration (and all other assigned tasks)

What I have said about others can be said of these three. In fact, it must be said. They serve your church with distinction. They possess the highest degree of integrity and always strive for a standard of excellence in their work. They work tirelessly for long hours, and are highly dedicated. They work within and outside of their job description - whatever needs to be done. They enjoy their work. They possess a “can-do” attitude. They are a good fit with our church, with each other, and with me. They are raving fans of PCC and its mission. And they are loyal – to God, to their family, to their church, to each other, and to me; something I am very grateful for.

In our office environment we strive to maintain a climate of professionalism – in the way we dress, office protocol, and procedures. But sometimes it also feels like a frat (fraternity) house around here. I.e., We’re out in the hallways yelling at each other, shouting from room-to-room. We cut-up and have fun. We leave each other alone so we can get some work done – but at other times we pester the daylights out of each other too. Sometimes we disagree with each other – and that’s usually when I have to body-slam somebody. But 98% of the time we are happy with our jobs, enjoying each others company, and are glad we work together.

As a member of Pace Community Church you can have absolute confidence in your church staff. You have every right to be happy with, and proud of, these three individuals. They are “gifts” that God has given to this church.

It’s no wonder our church is where it is today.

I’m glad I serve with them.