Monday, July 14, 2008

Never Stop, Never Stop, Never Stop!

Never stop inviting people to church with you. Never stop being a witness to unchurched people. Never stop being a light in a dark place.

I must tell you, my passion for reaching people for Christ has never diminished after twenty-eight years of being a Christ-follower. In fact, I believe it’s even stronger today than it ever has been. Something sets my heart on fire when I see people, who are far from God, crossing the line of faith.

When we started PCC in 1998 with seven people in my living room it was hard to imagine that we would reach literally hundreds of people for Christ over the years, and baptizing just as many. Here at the ten-year mark, I believe God is whispering to me that this is ONLY the beginning.

God has “much people in this city” and if we will make ourselves the “friend of sinners” He will send us more than we can possibly imagine.

I believe that Pace Community Church is being prepared (supernaturally & organizationally) to have a regular attendance of 1000 or more people each week.

If you think I am interested in numbers, then you would be RIGHT! I am absolutely dedicated to seeing large numbers of people cross the line of faith and commit to Jesus Christ. I am interested in seeing large numbers of people growing in spiritual maturity. I am dedicated to seeing large numbers of weak marriages being put back together in the power of God. I have an unmovable, unshakable conviction about church growth – because Jesus wants His church to grow!

I'm not asking you to get on a plane and take a mission trip halfway around the world so you can mix cement and stack block. I’m challenging you to walk across the street….. walk across the room…. pick up the phone…. and share your faith!

Yes, we are called to make a global impact – but it NEEDS TO START with those who are CLOSEST TO US already – our family, friends, and those in OUR COMMUNITY.

God loves the lost people of Santa Rosa County just as much as He loves the lost people of Tanzania or Kyrgyzstan!

I refuse to reduce the Great Commission and Pace Community Church down to a small, select group of chosen disciples who sit around in a classroom having endless discussions about meaningless theological issues that will never be settled this side of heaven anyway. There is nothing greater than seeing the lost come to Christ (angels in heaven rejoice when that happens), and then watching that person grow in the knowledge of the Lord, then sending them back out to repeat the process all over again.

I cannot, and will not, turn my back on lost people!

PCC, we are not called to be like other churches! We must never stop sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those who are far from God. I am more committed to seeing our Vision (stated in Seminar 101) come to complete fruition. I am more determined than ever to see our 20-20 Maturity Vision (stated in Seminar 201) come to pass. God has placed THIS CHURCH in THIS COMMUNITY for SUCH A TIME as THIS.

Some people don’t want a big church. They want everything else in their life to be big – but not the church. They want a big house, a big car, a big truck, a big checking account, and big pay raise each year. But NOT THE CHURCH. They want it to be small – with small dreams, small plans, small visions, and with small people in charge. If that is the kind of church you are looking for, then PCC is NOT FOR YOU. There are multiplied dozens of small churches in Santa Rosa County for you to choose from – and nearly everyone of them is filled with as much bickering and in-fighting as our Federal Government in Washington DC!

But I can assure you, GOD wants a big church. Jesus Himself, the founder of the Church said, “I will BUILD My church.”

Heaven is probably going to be too big for some people.

QUESTION: What kind of spiritual influence (do you suppose) is behind the reasoning that believes churches should remain small, isolated, and uninterested in evangelistic outreach?

NEVER APOLOGIZE to anyone for DREAMING BIG. Big visions attract big people and big results. Never apologize for praying bold prayers, taking God-sized risks, and offending those who wear religious robes. LIFE is TOO SHORT and HELL is TOO HOT for us to worry about who likes us and who doesn’t!

The souls of people hang in the balance.

Never stop, never stop, never stop.