Sunday, July 27, 2008


My dentist visit
. I had a new crown put on last Thursday. Actually, the dentist had to replace a crown that was put on about twelve years ago. Get this, he uses a drill to create a cut down one side, over the top, then down the other side. Next he gets a pair of pliers and CRACKS the crown off in bits and pieces like it was an acorn! His fingers were in my mouth, I was slobbering like a bloodhound and he asked me if it hurts. This was about as much fun as an IRS audit.

Running Shoes. I was putting on my shoes in the garage last Tuesday to take a morning run. I always check them for spiders before I slip them on. I put my hand down inside the running shoe and felt something warm, soft, and wet…. Then it started moving. It was a toad. I squealed like a girl.

Football & Plasma. Football season is just around the corner. All I’ve got to say is: this year football will be watched in the Christian residence on Plasma HD TV. Thank you Mr. Bush.

Exercise. I’ve stepped up my workouts and having been doing a lot better on my eating habits too. I feel like I’m really in the zone right now.

Youth Camp. The teenagers of PCC will be away at youth camp this week. Please pray for them – safe travel and for spiritual renewal.

Music. I introduced my wife to the Allman Brothers Band a few weeks ago. She likes them. Their decade of greatest hits was from 1969 to 1979. There is a reason why music from that era is still with us today…. it was well-done, had actual harmonies and a discernible melody line. The guitar riffs were outstanding, and the singers could actually sing. I’m still digging Statesboro Blues, Rambling Man, and Whipping Post.

Really Neat People. There are some really neat people attending PCC right now. It is so much fun for me to meet new people each week; I really like it. I stand out in the atrium attempting to meet as many as possible. I’m loving the diversity too. We have young & old, in-between ages, and different ethnicity's. Some of these people have been sent to us by God that we might help them. Others are sent by God that they might help us – and they are. I’m especially enjoying making new friends right now. It feels fresh. There’s a clean-slate to start with. There is no reason why anyone in our church cannot have good friends and positive relationships – there are so many people to choose from.

Highway Accident. I was on East Spencer Field Road Friday when I came upon an accident. Apparently an SUV ran over a guy riding a bicycle because I could see the bicycle under the vehicle. It was twisted up like a pretzel. I don’t know what happened to the rider; and still haven’t heard. This kinda freaks me out, given I ride a bicycle myself.

Losing Weight
. You know you need to go on a diet when:
--You wear high heel shoes you strike oil
--You go to the zoo and the elephants throw peanuts at you

Church was packed today. It’s the dead of summer and attendance has been very strong all summer! The number of visitors still amazes me. I can’t figure it out. It has to be a God-thing.

60 CDs. One lady in our church picked up 60 CDs of a sermon I preached in June. She handed them out to her family, friends, and classmates at her mother’s funeral. Some of these people she hasn’t seen in twenty years and God used her in a significant way through this effort. Now she is handing copies out to her neighbors. What’s more, people in her neighborhood are asking her about PCC and what’s going on here. She simply puts a CD in their hands and says, “Listen to this.”

Commitments. Five people made a life-changing commitment to Jesus Christ today. I think that was the same number as last week. I’m amazed at the frequency this happens at PCC. It lets me know that God is at work. He is working in the hearts of people prior to their attending our services. Once they get here and are simply given the opportunity to respond, they do so. It’s not about having a slick program or a dead one – it’s about letting God do his work; which He does.

We had another group of people express interest in small groups, and/or Bible classes.

God is really doing something here. I can feel the barometer rising and we’re fixing to have a breakthrough.

Postings this week. Be sure to check in regularly this week. I plan to be pretty active on my blog. Got some things to say.