Sunday, August 10, 2008


Had a good day at church today. Attendance was a little lower than normal, due to summer travel I think – but still level and very strong - a good solid day all the way around. The band did well, worship was good, all volunteers were at their post of duty, had a couple of new people sign up for volunteerism, and a lot of sermon CDs were picked up. Had a ton of visitors – as always.

Small Groups. We are working on the Fall Semester for our small groups right now. We are currently working our way through the call-list of all small group leaders trying to determine how many will be leading a group this semester. This will determine how many groups we will have, and when we launch. I’m pretty confident that we will have a start-date posted by next Sunday.

Foundations Classes. The last class will be this Tuesday night, 6:00 PM. This course has filled a great need in our church family this summer. Thanks to the three teachers (Gene T., Scott D, & Rick H.) who made it happen.

Financial Peace University coming soon. This is a 13-week course on managing your finances in a Biblical way, with a goal of debt-free living. This elective was offered in our winter semester of small groups, and will be offered again this fall. If you, or someone you know, could benefit from a course on managing ones finances, FPU would be an exceptional choice to consider and is highly recommended.

Discovery Seminar 101 - Discovering the PCC Family. To be offered September 14th. This is a 3 ½ hour seminar which provides you with an “insiders look” to Pace Community Church. Not only that, it is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with me, some of our staff, and other key persons in our church family. It is informal, relaxed, and lots of fun.

Leadership Training. I’m thinking about teaching a series of leadership lessons during the fall semester of small groups. If I do this, it will be in the form of a “Pastors Auditorium Bible Class” for all those who are interested in church leadership (in any form), and would like to learn what the Bible has to say about this sensitive subject. I’m still thinking about it, prayerfully. If you would be interested, offer me your feedback. It would be welcome.

Coming Articles on this blog. I’m working on some topics right now that I want to make you aware of. In the near future, perhaps beginning this week, I will be posting on these subjects:
  • Evangelism & Church Growth vrs. Sheep Stealing & Transfer Growth
  • Reformed Theology
  • Qualifications for Leadership
  • Personal stuff about me
  • In-house news about PCC
  • A “Meeting” I Had
  • Criticism – When a Response is Necessary & Why
  • My personal journey – what I am going & growing through right now
  • And a lot more