Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Quick-Hits

Church was excellent today! The band was on-target. The song selection was on-target too. Good worship.

A lot... and I mean a lot of visitors showed up. Most of them were first-time. This blows my mind. It is so exciting to see this many people coming in to our services each week, right off the street. Apparently word of PCC is really making the rounds.

There is a certain "buzz" in the house right now... and I think there is a "buzz" in the community about PCC. It feels like something big is about to happen.

Today's message on the Prodigal Son (Freedom From My Father's House) was a strong word. It seemed to resonate with a lot of people. We learned that there is no such thing as absolute freedom; we're all inter-connected.

I ate Alaskan King Crab legs Friday night at Crabs restaurant on the beach. They were fine.

My Bible reading right now is in the book of Luke. I think this inspired me to start this current series on the Prodigal Son. I'm glad Jesus told-off those religious snobs when they criticized Him for His ministry to irreligious people.

I was about 27 years old when I felt called into the ministry.

Two books I'm reading right now are:
  • STEALING SHEEP, the Church's Hidden Problem of Transfer Growth, by William Chadwick

You should notice a common theme between those two titles, and there is. I want PCC to always be a church that is NOT DEPENDENT on shuffling the sheep to maintain our existence; and I want to always stay close to God so that we are allowing Him to build it up His way.

God is doing so much at PCC that I feel like I'm way in over my head.

I really sense something deep inside me that seems to indicate we are in for a major breakthrough.

Renae went riding with the Motorcycle Group today. She went to Navarre Beach on the back of a Harley! Say What? Motorcycle Momma!