Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Soundbites

  • I guess no one told our congregation that is was a holiday weekend (Labor Day) – we had high attendance today. Higher than the last three weeks. Second service was up too!

  • Thank you to all who moved to second service. It opened up additional seats in the first service, plus adds synergy to the second.

  • Altar call today! Awesome to see all the young people kneeling, crying, and praying through.

  • How about all those young people in service today. Must have been 30 or more. Took up about four rows. The ushers brought out extra chairs for them so they could all sit as a group. Their hearts were crushed, and receptive to the gospel.

  • The morning message was impromptu. If you were there you know what happened. We talked about being conscious of eternity.

  • The campus grounds look great having been mowed this week. Thanks to PW, RC, and SM for making it happen.

  • The small groups displays looked good today. Generated a lot of interest. BTW, all of our small group leaders are simply awesome people – real champions, team players, and have full buy-in.

  • How about that first song? Renee J. did an amazing job again this Sunday just like last week. I like that song so much that I was thinking we could have sang it four times and that could have been our song service.

  • I love our church. Honestly, there is no other place I would rather be. It’s sad that most pastors cannot say that.

  • I love it when our motorcycle groups show up and our parking lot is filled with “choppers.”

  • I love that PCC is full of imperfect people.

  • I love that PCC attracts young people, teenagers, old people, blue collar types, black, white, Latinos, Orientals, mixed marriages, and professionals.

  • Really, it’s not us. God is the One sending these people to us. Why? He knows people will be healed, helped, and hear the truth.

  • I met a school principle, a lawyer, and a medical doctor today.

  • Our bereavement team went by D & PB’s home after church today. Love those people. They do such a good job.

  • That’s another reason why PCC is such a great church – “the people are the ministers.”