Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Five

1. I am excited about the message this Sunday: “Your Church – An Extended Family.” I plan to open up and share my heart in a very personal way.

2. Next Sunday, “Is Anyone Going to Heaven Because of You?”

3. Our mid-week age-level ministries ROCK. The children’s ministry is off-the-chart right now. In fact, almost every single child who attends the Sunday morning children’s ministry,(i.e., “Rock Solid”), is now also attending the Wednesday evening event. I mean, Cathy D. and her team are doing the smack-down and making it happen!................The teen ministry is busting loose like crazy too. Last Wednesday night there was an all-time high attendance. Wow! Renae has put together two exceptional teams of first-class workers – one is a teaching team, and the other is like a “community life” team. The members on the teaching team take turns on a rotating schedule as they go through the of I Samuel chapter-by-chapter. The community life team helps with logistics, such as event-planning, supplies, recreation, special demonstrations, etc, and also serves in a mentoring capacity with the teens. They are calling it the "Be With Factor" - that is, just be with the kids as you provide Biblical training and spiritual mentoring. Of course, there is a cross-over, or an overlap, of responsibilities in these two teams. At the end of the day, everyone does what needs to be done – simply because they love God and love the teenagers.

4. I have received some wonderful letters of encouragement this week.

5. We anticipate a full house this Sunday.