Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whose Blogs Do I Read?

Let me state for the record. There are some blogs I DO NOT read, nor will I EVER read them. Why? The content is dopey and the authors are full of malarkey – that’s why.

So whose blogs do I read?
  • Those listed on the left sidebar of my blog
  • Several more who are not listed
  • 90% of the blogs I read are authored by church planters
  • I read blogs of church leaders that speak to me
  • I read the blogs of those who have something to say beyond theory
  • Those who I have a relationship with
  • People who I like

Blogs I don’t read:

  • People who don't like me - I won't read their blogs, even though they read mine
  • If your blog is too long, I’m not reading it
  • Those who parrot some off-the-wall theolgoy learned from a book
  • Those who speak lofty ideas about ministry but haven’t been able to make those ideas work .....(It's only a theory until you make it work. The proof is in the pudding - not in what you say or in a title you have been given).
  • Those who have a bone to pick with me (I'm bigger than that).

Why do I blog?

  • When I first started blogging I simply needed another outlet. I love to write and this was one way I could improve my skills
  • It has helped me clarify my thoughts and postion on important issues
  • In some ways, it is like an on-line journal
  • I have met and made many new friends
  • It enables me to expand my teaching