Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Soundbites.... Amended

Very good day. Attendance was way up, and giving was extra good. In fact, attendance has climbed steadily for the last three weeks by 81 people.

Three people committed to Christ today.

Numerous pray-requests were turned in today too. People are believing God to do stuff.

I’ve got to give a special shout-out to three hard-working individuals who make things happen at PCC:
  • Robert H. put up new light and transformer for the highway sign
  • Paul T. who put up two new informational signs on campus
  • Stan M. who has cut grass all summer
  • Whow!

I have made a discovery about myself and PCC recently. There is more going on at our church than I can keep up with…. And I love it. Yes, we put on a pretty good Sunday service; it’s our main event. But there is so much more going on at PCC behind the scenes that truly makes us who we are. I mean, discipleship stuff is happening in a major way. There is deep fellowship occurring through the formation of long-term friendships. Accountability is practiced through our small groups. Sacrificial living is taking place as believers are “laying down their lives for the brethren” (I John 3:16). Life-change. Numerous events during the week. Trusted leadership. Can-do team-players. We are growing larger and smaller at the same time. Plus, there are multiple shepherds at PCC. For many people at PCC, their weekly calendar revolves around church-related activities and the godly friendships they have formed. Their Christianity has evolved into something more than just merely attending Sunday services - they are living it out during the week.... together. We really are a New Testament Church - dare I say an “Acts Chapter 2 Church?” – in every sense of the Word.

Friday Night Date Night. Our group from Marriage Encounter went out last Friday for “Date Night.” Renae and I tagged along and had a lot of fun. We had dinner at Applebee’s then went to a late-night movie at the Rave. The showing started at 10:00 PM. We watched a movie called “Fireproof.” It was hilarious, sappy, and touching all at the same time. I was especially glad to see 3 or 4 new couples getting involved.

The PCC Riders Motorcycle Club took an overnight trip to Panama City Friday night and all-day Saturday. They always seem to be inviting and bringing new people to church with them.

We have a new college-age group now. Started last month. I think it’s called “Football Frenzy.” Each Saturday the 20-something year-olds gather together in a host home for a 30 minute Biblically-based devotional. Afterwards they watch one of the college football games and hang together most of the day. Aside from meeting an important need in our church family, this group has also been successful in helping new attendees (in that age-group) to plug in. This group is made up of married couples and includes singles.

Was the house packed today, or what? We were 80-90% full in first service.

56 - The Sunday morning teen ministry for 5th-6th graders has tripled in that last three weeks! Thanks to Mary M. for making it happen and being such an engaging leader.

78 - The Sunday morning teen ministry for 7th-8th graders has doubled in the last three weeks! Thanks to Rick H. and Kim U. for an outstanding job. It is obvious that you excel in this role.

The morning message…. "Is Anyone Going to Heaven Because of You?" Points: We are ambassadors for Christ…. We have the ministry (and word) of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:17-21)…. When Jesus saw “their faith” he said “thy sins are forgiven” (Luke 5:20)…. The power of the Lord was present to heal the sick (Luke 5:17).... They "put feet to their faith" by "bringing their friend to Christ." The greatest needs people have are "spiritual" (forgiveness), over physical.

I found out today that one couple in our church has been buying a CD of the morning message every single Sunday for the last eighteen months. They are military and are soon to be transferred. PCC has been such a blessing to them that they regret having to leave. Therefore, they have been buying a CD each week to ensure they have a library of sermons to listen to after their move.

The Tech Team (who work the sound booth and projection) are amazing. They do such an excellent job..... even when they don't know what they are doing. Trust me when I say, we could not do one-half of what we do (on the platform) if it were not for these capable, cooperative, and knowledgeable individuals. We are greatly indebted to you guys.

At PCC, we want to make Jesus famous.

My wife is courageous.