Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday - Still in Birmingham

  • Okay. I didn't get good pictures last night at the conference. This rinky-dink digital camera I have just doesn't take good pictures unless I'm outside in the sunlight. Will take some toDAY.
  • Chris Tomlin was the worship leader last night. He and his band did an acoustic worship set - two acoustic guitars and one keyboard - three instruments was all they had. It was all they needed. The guy can sing. About 1500-1800 people were in the service.
  • Renae and I have been having pretty good workouts while here. We're getting up early (just like at home) and starting the day off with some serious exercise. We have been walking, running, lifting weights, and even using a treadmill. We don't have our bicycles here though.
  • Birmingham is a beautiful city. I've been here several times before, usually at church-leadership related events, and am always impressed with the city's beauty. Especially the landscaping. It seems like they hold nothing back. Even the churches pull out all the stops for their campus grounds and landscaping. It is obvious that the churches here take a great deal of care (and pride) in their community and appearance of God's House. I'm impressed.
  • I've just got to say there are some good things happening at PCC right now - much of which is obvious, and a lot which is not so obvious. Just beneath the surface God is doing so many different (and life-changing) works of transformation that it blows me away. Every time I hear a new story/testimony, I'm just left with my mouth hanging open.
  • I feel a bit remiss in not telling you these things more often - but honestly, there is more going on that I can even keep up with, much less communicate all of it. All I can say is GET PLUGGED IN and you won't be left out.
  • I’m praying for 100 people to cross the line of faith and commit their lives to Jesus Christ between now and Christmas.

  • I’m praying for 50 MORE people to sign the maturity covenant, committing themselves to the five basic habits of a disciple.
  • Did you know that 50% of our congregation (and church family) is involved in some type spiritual growth activity in addition to the Sunday morning worship service? That's right. When we add up all the volunteers, small group members, Bible classes, teachers, small group leaders, and servants who are actively DOING SOMETHING with their Christianity, MORE THAN 50% of our church family is involved. That's what I would call a HEALTHY CHURCH.
  • At PCC, we are trying to produce disciples who actually DO STUFF.

That's all for now. Got to run. Will post again, possibly today with pictures.