Monday, October 20, 2008

Covenants & Raising the Level of Commitment

Over the years we have continually raised the standard of commitment for almost all we do; especially for leadership. The standards keep getting higher as time passes, and this in turn has produced a higher level of spiritual growth in our church family.

For example, when PCC first began we had only five or six mature believers. Yet we also had a congregation full of casual attenders, not-yet believers, and brand-new believers. So the only requirement for serving (almost anywhere) was to simply show up - we plugged warm bodies in where they were needed.

But over the years, have raised the standard and tightened the requirements for those who serve in the ministries and leadership of the PCC family.

In fact, we have COVENANTS for commitment (that we expect people to sign and agree to) in almost every thing we do: we have them for membership (101) maturity (201), all our all our volunteer teams, children’s ministry, ushers, worship band, even in our small groups – for the PURPOSE of INCREASING COMMITMENT. We ask everyone to sign a covenant if they want to be included. Why? It produces growth – we always become like the things we are most committed to.

Every time we raise the standards for leadership, we bring everyone else in the church along. As Winston Churchill said, “A rising tide raises all the boats in the harbor.”

We especially raise the standards for all church leaders. Why? Because when the standard of commitment is raised for leaders, it raises the expectations among everyone else.

Additionally, it produces a healthier church.

You want to be involved? Step up and commit.