Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Signs of an Inward Focused Church

  • First of all, it will be unhealthy

  • Number two, it’s membership will not realize they are unhealthy

  • The emphasis is upon “serve us” instead of “service”

  • Tight knit groups that outsiders cannot penetrate

  • A “siege mentality” or “hold the fort” way of thinking (see picture)

  • Board stiff

  • Most energy is devoted to managing the systems or preserving the way things are

  • Unwilling to risk new ideas or initiatives

  • Unwilling to embrace change

  • Stained-glass barriers

  • Tradition becomes more important than mission

  • Continually re-teaching the already-fed

  • Over-fed but under-activated church members

  • An introverted insiders-language with its own set of terms and code words

  • The preaching/teaching doesn’t make any sense; having a special meaning only for insiders

  • The church is lukewarm

  • It’s not growing