Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Debrief

Good day today. Packed house in first service, and solid attendance in second.

I enjoyed today’s message. We talked about the necessity of growing up, and how God often uses dry spells, and desert places, to transition us to deeper faith.

I think we hit a nerve today.

Teaching the stand-alone messages for the past 3-4 weeks has been a blast. I almost always teach in series because it’s more beneficial for everyone. But the stand-alone messages give me an opportunity to fill in the gaps on other important subjects that I have missed through the year.

A lot of people showed up yesterday for the work-day. Our campus looks great! Thank you to everyone who helped. It means a lot.

I have to say – morale and volunteerism is at an all-time high at PCC. The climate could not be better! We have weathered some serious storms over the years. But now the dust has settled we are the better for it. The people at PCC right now are the people who WANT to be there and who feel CALLED to be there. Life is good!

Our church is so…. not about…. what has happened, but rather what IS happening right now.

Forward momentum is strong. In fact, it has never waned.

We are on the threshold of some changes and a big spiritual breakthrough. The changes are something we are working on, and the spiritual breakthrough is something I can sense in my spirit.

The teen ministry is off-the-chart right now. Wednesday night has TRIPLED. Sunday mornings now offer some 5 or 6 CLASSES between the two services. We have some first-class teachers who are thrilled to be included.

Did you know that churches grow as much by subtraction as much as they do by addition? Sure do. Let that sink in for a while. You’ll get it.

I met a man in service today who is from China. He is a professor at UWF, speaks broken English, and still uses his Chinese name. It was his first visit and he assured me he would be back. I think it is neat that God sends such a diversity of people into our congregation. ONLY GOD KNOWS the things He has prepared for us.

The teens are having an all-night lock-in this evening. Bonfire and the works.

The new stages lights are great.

Have you noticed the seasonal fall displays on our campus? Great job!

How about the slide presentation of pictures in the song servcie today. Pretty cool, I thought. Those are the faces of PCC.... lives that have been changed.... members of our spiritual family..... and satisfied.

"He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.... He restoreth my soul."

I’m always reminded of how many hurting people we have at PCC. That is one of the reasons we started this work….. and God has blessed us for it.

October is pastor appreciation month. Somebody brought me a gift Friday. Neat!