Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Guest Blogger - Renae Christian

Goodbye Daniel & Paige Quesada

I would like to introduce you to Daniel & Paige Quesada, and son Armando. Daniel, who is a First Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, and his wife Paige first began attending PCC in October 2006, and by Christmas of that year had decided to make Pace Community Church their church home.

I had the distinct privilege of getting to know this couple well in the Fall of 2007 when they began small-grouping in my home (along with 26 other people – talk about a FULL HOUSE!). They had signed up for the small group I was facilitating called IGNITE. Those in that group made a journey together to explore what our lives would look like if we TRULY believed that God was in control of our lives and that He was working all things together for our good (Romans 8:28). We were seeking for our faith to be IGNITED in such a way that it could never be snuffed out. Thus began a spiritual journey for Daniel & Paige that would dramatically change their lives.

Through the discipleship offered in that small group, Daniel & Paige discovered what authentic Christianity was all about – it was NOT about man-made rules, it was about a RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with Christ. They made a journey that led them closer to God, and they became willing to be obedient to His Word in areas of their lives which they had not yet completely surrendered to God. They sought wisdom for clarity on things they did not completely understand, were lovingly lead by their group & this small-group leader to the Word of God to find the truth, and began to make decisions aligning their lives with those
truths, thus putting themselves in God’s favor.

They will tell you that their lives began to change in ways they had not expected. God’s blessings began to be poured out on them in countless ways. By the spring of 2008 they were maturing in their Christian faith & actually hosted a small group in their home, leading others on a journey toward authentic Christianity. This semester, Fall 2008, they again grouped with me. I can not begin to adequately convey what a JOY it has been to see them advancing in their faith. In this new small group they yielded yet another area of their lives to Christ, and found the power of God ADEQUATE to break strongholds & empower them to live FREE.

Now this precious couple is leaving us. Daniel has new orders – to go to California & fly Cobra helicopters. We will miss them so very much, but are SO HAPPY that we are sending them off to their new location as maturing believers, Christians who have set their home in order & who have had their lives turned RIGHT-SIDE UP while here at PCC. Daniel & Paige, you have been a JOY to group with. Your contagious smiles & warm hearts have been bright spots in ministry for me & for your Pastor these last 2 years. You guys came to us as “un-churched Sam & Pam”, and you depart from us as Christians mature in your faith and with much promise for continuing to advance the kingdom of God in your new location. YOU are a PCC success story, and it has been a joy to have made this journey with you. We love you & will miss you in a HUGE way.


Renae Christian
What a JOY it was to be your Small Group Leader!