Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Memo

Yesterday was a solid day.

We had a couple of bumpy places in our transitions, but we glided right over and never missed a beat.

Attendance was good yesterday – 445. That’s a good attendance considering we had about 13 families out.

A lot of people said they were inspired and provoked to deep thinking after hearing the morning message, “Playing it Safe or Taking a Risk.” I’m glad it had that effect, because I struggled a little bit in the first service – I was distracted. Nailed it in the second service.

The Sunday morning children’s ministry and teen ministry are really growing. New teachers to the team are a great asset.

The Wednesday night children’s ministry and teen ministry are growing too and the kids/teens are going deeper in the Word. It is amazing to see the learning that is occurring in these young people.

After church yesterday, Rick H. hosted a youth-workers lunch at his home. Very nice. Must have been around 30 people there (i.e., the workers, their spouses and families). He served beef brisket. Good fellowship, hang-time, and great food. This appreciation event was a good idea.

Seminar 201 was last night, and it was one of the best we’ve ever had. Almost 50 people took the seminar and of those, almost all signed and turned in the maturity covenant card on the spot! Amazing. By signing this card they were making a commitment to the five basic habits of a disciple, which are – Spending time in God’s Word… Developing an active prayer-life…. Learning to adore God through worship… Tithing… and Committing to fellowship.

The volunteer support team that helped me last night was, without a doubt, first-class. There were about 10-12 people on this team who set-up and decorated the tables, prepared a giant meal (of chili, salad, side items, deserts, coffee, tea, sodas, etc), served the meal, provided child-care, and “worked the room” during the breaks by engaging everyone in friendly conversation. You people are champions.

I must say, the last year has been perhaps the best season in our Discovery Seminar history. The people who have been taking these classes are excited, enthusiastic, and eager to learn more. They are happy with their church and want to deepen their involvement. What’s not to like about that?

This Saturday is Men’s’ Breakfast. I think it’s 9:00 AM. Will have to check the bulletin to be sure. Tell your old man to get up and come… and bring the son along too.

Next Sunday morning is Communion. It’s going to be deep and heartfelt. Be there.

We also begin the new series “Signs of Life” next Sunday. Actually, it will be the introduction to the series. What’s it all about? The “Signs of Life” series will be combined with a special Christmas offering that we will receive in order to underwrite some our ministry initiatives for 2009. This will be an opportunity for you to designate your offering to a specific area. More details about this later in the week. This is really going to be a God-thing.

At PCC, our hearts are pure when it comes to making disciples. We want more people to find eternal life and be in a relationship with God. We want more people to attend our Sunday service. We want more people to attend our classes. We want to see more people active in small groups. We want more students to show up. Just so you know, I happen to be in the camp that believes that more is better when it comes to people hearing the message.

Jesus said, “Go… and make disciples.” That’s what we do.

I do my best to keep my nose out of other church’s business, but honestly I can’t believe how poorly some are being operated.

We had two new musicians on stage yesterday. Did you notice them? They both did an excellent job. BTW, one of them was a student from the teen ministry.

Yesterday I talked so much that by the time I got home late last night, I was sick of listening to myself. Two sermons and a four-hour seminar later…. I told myself to stop talking – I’ve heard enough already! Plus, my throat was RAW. It still is. I guess I won’t be doing much talking today. This will make Renae happy.