Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Musings

  • Yesterday was a good day.

  • Gene Tharp, Associate Pastor & Church Administrator, preached Sunday. He did an excellent job, teaching from Revelation chapter 4, talking about our dedication to God.

  • About four people committed to Christ.

  • Gene’s preaching was an enormous help to me… I needed the break just to get my head above water. It is taxing to give, and give, and give all the time, w/o ever taking a break. Several people told me they thought he did an awesome job.

  • I enjoyed hanging out in the atrium today. Talked to lots of people.

  • The music was very good yesterday.

  • I understand there is some frustration in a church down the road from us….

  • James Bond is coming out this Friday. Can’t wait. Jack Bauer (i.e., 24) is coming back to television in two weeks. Jack is going to save the world again…. perhaps this time from our “untested” President.

  • Cathy Denny has a good post on her blog about the Children’s Ministry. You can see it here. BTW, she regularly posts good devotionals that are worth your time to read. Give her site a visit…. just click her link on the left sidebar of my blog.

  • If you are not absolutely passionate about your role at PCC, please step down today. Someone else who is passionate can take your place.

  • I believe the work we are doing is critical to the lives (and eternal destinies) of thousands of people. There is a certain “urgency” associated with the work of the ministry that requires a team (and every individual on that team) to be fully engaged. We cannot afford to empower people who wish they were someplace else doing something different. You can go to work at McDonalds and flip hamburgers if that is your ambition – but if you serve at PCC we are going to require more out of you than that.

  • I have stepped up my workout routine in a major way. Pretty soon I’ll be singing, “Can’t touch this.”

  • One of our goals for 2009 is to directly penetrate 20,000 homes with a message of hope from our church….. at least two times! More of this will be revealed in the SIGNS OF LIFE series coming in two/three weeks.

  • I will never apologize for being pro-life. The Bible instructs us to be a voice for those who have no voice, and to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Abortion is wrong… in spite of what Whoopee Goldberg and the Supreme Court has to say about it. The ONLY opinion that matters to me is God’s.