Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Notes

  • Today was one of those days that you’ll always remember. A complete change in the format. It felt pretty good.

  • Two opening songs… a 15 minute sermon (see “Why I Am Thankful for PCC” below)… Communion… more worship… and the baptism video.

  • The baptism video was awesome to me. I love water baptisms – it’s a major turning point in peoples lives.

  • There were a lot of “God moments” in the service today.

  • The whole day was a memorable experience that people will talk about

  • One of our small groups (PCC Women of Purpose) gave away 29 Thanksgiving Baskets today – boxes full of food and a turkey! Wow! Great job ladies.

  • Another small group is hosting a Christmas party at Berryhill manor in the next week or two – and a children’s worship team is going to sing for the residents. Wow! Great job everyone.

  • A group is going Christmas caroling again this year – in December.

  • Stuff is happening at PCC.

  • God is doing stuff in people’s lives too.

  • Thanksgiving is this week – my favorite holiday.

  • 24 comes on television tonight. Jack Bauer is going to save the world….. again.