Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Memo.... late, I know

Sunday Attendance - 514

The whole day was enjoyable, moving, enlightening, and uplifting.

Amazingly, about 6 six people committed to Christ on Sunday… and I didn’t even make a strong appeal. Just goes to show that God is doing what He does – drawing people and saving them. This NEVER gets old. I was made for this.

I’d like to give a shout-out to Paul T. for the excellent job he has been doing at editing and producing our in-house video clips each Sunday. He’s been very creative and his efforts have added a fresh element to our church services.

We are working on a video “live feed” for next Sunday.

Renae and I were at Wal Mart today (Monday). While we were loading groceries in our car a lady walked up to us in the parking lot and said, “Hello, I know you because I attend your church.” As we were chatting she told us she had recently moved here from New York, and had been attending for two months. She went on-and-on how much she enjoys services with us. We had a pleasant chat. After she walked away, I thought how neat it is that God keeps sending people to PCC…. from all over the country (and world).

We have people in our church family who have moved here from: California…Arizona…New Mexico…England…Australia…New Jersey…New York… and more…

We have people in our church who are: Mixed-race…Inter-racially married…Military…Lawyers…Doctors…Professional…Blue collar… and more…

Our church is very diverse… PCC is a good church to belong to.

PCC is also a generous church, made up of generous people. CASE IN POINT: A lady in our church family purchased twenty $50-dollar VISA (pre-paid) gift-cards (that’s $1000 worth) and gave them to PCC and asked that they be distributed to needy persons for Christmas. That is like, wow!