Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PCC Snapshot - Women of Purpose

Last night PCC’s “Women of Purpose” (one of our small groups) held a Christmas get-together. This fellowship gathering was to stay in touch since the current small group semester has taken a holiday break. Renae and I joined the party and were glad to be there.

Just to give you an idea of what they have been doing, in addition to their weekly meetings and Bible studies, I thought I’d give you a snapshot of their activities:
(click picture to enlarge)

In November they put together 29 Thanksgiving boxes (filled with turkey and other food items to the brim) and delivered them to an equal number of needy families. These families were verified as actually being “in need” to ensure that the effort was not wasted.

In addition, this group sent a care-package to a soldier in Afghanistan. They sent more than enough so that this soldier could share with his buddies. In addition to the food items, they included hand & feet warmers in the package because Afghanistan has extremely cold winters. One lady in the group purchased a phone card so he can call home. Another lady created a hand-made card so they entire group could sign it. This soldier is the son of a lady who attends PCC. When she heard of this gesture on the part of this group, she broke down and cried.

Currently this group is putting together 25 Christmas shoe boxes filled with gifts for children at S.S. Dixon School. These boxes will be delivered this Friday, December 12th.

This one group (within PCC) has helped some 55 families thus far. Way to go Women of Purpose!

God is doing stuff at PCC.

What a way to end 2008!