Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Encounters I've Had

My life is never dull. For example:

Once a man said to me, “God told me that I am supposed to preach in your church.” I responded, “As soon as He notifies me, I’ll give you a call.” He never has.

One Sunday morning I was literally walking onto the stage (we were 15 seconds from starting service) when a guy stops me and wants to know our position abortion. Are you kidding me? Get a brain. (I'll be glad to talk to anyone about anything... but not 15 seconds before church starts).

I had a conversation with a guy who was suffering from elderitus, (elder-itus). He had no concept of what a Biblical elder really was. No matter what I said he just wasn't getting it. His mind was already made up. I tried and tired to explain it to him. It became apparent to me that I needed crayons.