Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some 411 About Me

I really feel the anticipation of newness. I’m excited about the possibilities before us and the hope of the future. Here what’s happening with me right now:

  • I’m thinking a lot about spiritual maturity and drawing nearer to God

  • I’m thinking about our small groups ministry this year and would like to see several more sermon-based groups formed

  • I plan to read the Bible through again

  • I am practicing fasting in the month of January

  • I hope to take an extended Sabbatical this year

  • I am rebuilding some boundaries into my life – mostly time related

  • I am working towards being 100% debt free

  • I would like to visit England sometime, see the Grand Canyon, and re-trace the steps of the apostle Paul where he traveled along the Mediterranean Sea in his missionary journeys

  • I am increasing my level of exercise and cutting calories. Think I will try to narrow my waistline. You’ve heard of continental drift? Well, my tectonic plates have shifted out of place along the fault lines, creating new crevasses in places I am not supposed to have them. If I don’t do something soon there is going to be a fracture in the surface strata of my lower regions resulting in a volcanic eruption!

  • If you see a guy riding a bicycle around Pace in spandex, don’t freak out. It’s only me. Man, I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it.