Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some 411 About PCC

1. Gene Tharp (admin pastor) informed me yesterday that our average attendance is higher now than this time last year. What this means is, not only have we “made up the gap” but have also increased above and beyond. We are on an upward swing – especially when you consider the fact that we have had two recent Sundays over 500.

2. Last night (Wed) the teen ministry had another record-breaking attendance. This is three weeks in a row! Each week it gets higher. Counting the adult workers, there were over 60 in attendance. The best part of the evening (in the midst of the noise and chaos that kids always generate) was a genuine move of God. You should have seen it! These kids are getting some solid Bible too – milk for babes and meat for men.

3. The Children’s ministry is rocking! Cathy Denny was telling me about some of the kids – how their hearts are opening up to the power of God and instruction from the Word. Her stories are amazing. I don’t fully understand what’s going on in our age-level ministries right now, but something significant is happening.

4. The spring semester of small groups is about to launch (most begin the week of Feb 15) and we have a full compliment of groups to offer. Very excited about this. Even have a couple of new groups with new leaders this time around.

5. There are a lot of hurting people in our church family who need the support that only body of Christ can provide; which means you. The number of suffering people are too many and the needs too diverse for one or two people to be able to take care of, so I’m asking you to look around and take notice. There is someone in your church family that God wants you to reach out to. Don’t let the people who sit near you on Sunday morning just come up missing without noticing it. Get to know the people near you. Don’t let them fall through the cracks. Some of these people have “beginning faith” and can be easily sidetracked by the complications of life. That is why God has placed you where you are at – to be a vessel of honor for Him.

6. The reason God is sending so many people to PCC right now is because we are a hospital for the sick, a refuge for the hurting, and a school for the growing. God knows these “scattered sheep who have no shepherd” (Matt. 9:36) will find what He wants them to have when they are brought to the right place. This is a God thing. Last night a lady, with tears in her eyes, said to Renae, “This church has saved my life.” We hear this story over and over again from so many people.