Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Second Service

10. You get to sleep in a little longer on Sunday morning, which means you can stay up late Saturday night to watch Saturday Night Live and not feel guilty about it

9. The sermon is better because I’ve already had a practice run on the group in the first service

8. The doughnuts are better because we use the stale ones in the first service

7. You still get out of church in time to beat the Baptists and Methodists to the local greasy spoon

6. I’m hot and sweaty by the time the second service begins, which means I probably will have more anointing

5. Something really weird always happens in the second service – there’s no way you will go to sleep

4. All the seats are the same price

3. Two words, “blue jeans”

2. Two more words, “flip flops”

1. We spike the coffee for the second service