Saturday, February 7, 2009

Five Thoughts on Goverment & Culture

1. It looks like a 4th Obama nominee has trouble with taxes. This is now a trend. If those in charge have trouble with this, they now have a clue how the rest of America feels. Maybe it’s time to overhaul the IRS.

2. The tax evasion committed by these nominated officials is very troubling:

  • Charlie Rangel is on the Ways & Means committee which is responsible for writing tax law.
  • Geithner will essentially head the IRS and was fully aware that he was responsible for self-employment taxes. He sought and was granted reimbursement from the International Monetary Fund for Self Employment taxes that he ‘paid’. That sounds like perjury & evasion to me.
  • Daschle spent the last 8 years screaming about the poor judgment of George W. Bush and how tax cuts are irresponsible and only help that wealthy.
  • What's up what all that?

3. The stimulus plan ($780 billion) on the table is full of a bunch of stupid spending that has nothing to do with stimulating the economy. Despite the talk of change, it looks like business and spending as usual in Washington. President Obama (who is attempting to get our economy on track) has some real meatheads in his own party that are derailing his efforts to provide jobs.

4. The lady that had 8 kids freaks me out. She said she came from a dysfunctional family. I think it was a dysfunctional doctor who planted eight embryos in her too. Perhaps some medical ethicists should review that doctors license to practice. She has now given birth to fourteen babies!

5. As the economy tightens up, government-funded social agencies are turning to the church to pick up the slack. At the same time, our local government won’t even allow our school teachers the freedom of religious expression. Not only is that a double-standard, it’s bad business.

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