Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Qualities We Look For in Pastors & Staff

We will be expanding our leadership team this year. Regardless of the position, there are certain things we look for in staff members and other church leaders.

1. We will only consider someone who is 100% supportive of the vision, ministry, and direction of PCC. This is not a hobby for us. We don’t have a Plan B. Those who work with us have to be totally on board to help make it work, contribute to its success, and not hinder us in any way. If you are not blown away by the privilege of just being able to work for PCC, then you are not the right person. I am not going to make an attempt to convince anyone to work here. Either you love it or you don’t.

2. We will check your background. We’ll even reference your references.

3. You have to be a tither (and more). If you come on board at PCC as a staff member, or in any other significant leadership capacity, you have to be a tither. And yep, we will check our records to verify your commitment level. Jesus said your money is connected to your heart. If you are not a giver, you are robbing God, are disobedient to God, and we don’t want you on staff or in leadership. Staff and other ministry leaders spend from our budget, and if such a person is not doing their part they are a thief and hypocrite. They are spending other people’s money without contributing themselves. That’s like a government official who doesn’t pay his own taxes (tax evasion) but then sets policy for the rest of us to pay ours. Also, if you are on staff/leadership at PCC and you don’t tithe, you’re done. It’s that simple.

4. Your spouse has to be on board. True, we're not asking your spouse to fill the position, but he/she has to be on board and supportive. That means they need to attend church, be supportive of PCC, and pitch in like everyone else. They need to understand what working at PCC means. Our spouses make huge sacrifices, and an uncommitted spouse will be an issue for you and us.

5. You have to be a leader. We don’t add people to the team to simply DO ministry by themselves… we look for people who can provide LEADERSHIP in the ministry. There’s a difference. That means recruiting, enlisting, inspiring, and overseeing a team of other people who work together. If you are not a “gatherer” of other people, you probably won’t make it. After being a believer who is full of integrity, leadership is the #1 quality I am looking for.

6. You have to be smart and know what you are doing. To be brutally honest, we don’t have the time, or the luxury, of waiting on you to figure out your calling or teach you job skills. You have to be a rainmaker here. That is, when added to the team you must have an immediate positive impact. In most work environments it takes about 6-8 months for a new employee to get settled in and learn the ropes. You will do that in about 3 weeks here. Yes, we’ll hook you up with the right people, resource you, allow room for vocational/professional development, and help you grow in your ministry area. But you’ve got to be a playmaker. This is not the minor leagues and there is no room in leadership for people who are “projects.”

7. You must have to have an attitude of “whatever it takes.” We are a growing church. Statistically, we are larger than 85% of the churches in America, and we will continue to grow. This means we all work like pioneers - we are always breaking new ground. We often work long hours. Sometimes we literally work our fannies off. There are changing demands, extenuating circumstances, and we often encounter the unexpected. Sure, your job/position will be your sweet spot. But there will be other things, outside of your position, that will have to be done. During those times you will be the one expected to do it, and you’ll have to do it without getting frustrated or copping an attitude. You must be willing to go the extra mile, no matter how long it takes. If it means taking out the trash, vacuuming the building, visiting the hospital, or whatever. The words “that’s not my job description” are not part of our vocabulary here. Saying it once is all it takes.

8. You need to have a long-term commitment to PCC. If you are looking for another position in another church, but want to use PCC as a stepping stone to get there, don’t bother us.

9. You must be loyal. Loyalty is a high priority. Loyalty means faithfulness or devotion to a person or to a cause. Using Biblical language, it means faithfulness. What does a loyal team member look like? This is a person who will stand up for the vision of our church or will stand up for me (or any other member) when someone is slamming the vision, criticizing the leaders, or sowing discord among the brethren. They will take the arrows, absorb the heat, and are willing to be criticized for the sake of others. When I see someone who does not talk out of both sides of their mouth, who says the same thing out in the open as they say behind a closed door, then I know I’m looking at a loyal person. Nothing energizes me more than when I walk into a room that is full of people that I know are loyal to me and to each other. This is empowering, energizing, edifying, and uplifting. It fuels creativity and innovation. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (PROVERBS 27:17).

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10. You must accept the fact that you won’t get wealthy here. If you’re in it for the money, don’t bother. You could make more shucking oysters.