Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This is a Great Work

I love pastors... especially church planting pastors. There is a strong fraternity among church planters – it is really the “extreme sport” when it comes to ministry. Only church planters understand the sacrifices that other church planters have made to step out in faith (with little or no funding) and follow God’s leading. I love being around these guys. They really are a distinct group.

I have several friends who are church planters. Being around them reminds me that what we are doing at PCC really is a special work. Thousands of new churches are springing up all over the country. New churches are being started in our area too. God’s Spirit is at work in the earth right now, sweeping thousands into the kingdom, and it’s so much bigger than what’s happening in our own neighborhood. I’m glad that I have a small part in God’s work in these last days.

From time to time I have the privilege of sharing with other church planters the lessons I have learned at PCC. They want to know how we did it – everything from meeting at the school, buying land, reaching people, structuring the church, what ministries to launch, etc. I always give away a lot of materials to help them out; seminars, small group manuals, Time to Build Packets, policy manuals, preaching CDs, church structure, etc. These are items that would cost them thousands of dollars to purchase. But I provide them free… most of which I have personally written myself. I figure we are on the same team, so I should help my brother out. In fact, there are at least five churches in the area who use our materials in their church.

I love what God is doing in the world today, and I love what He is doing at PCC. To me, nothing compares to leading this church. I wouldn’t trade being here to be anywhere else. Sometimes people wonder if I’m ever leaving to go to a bigger church. The answer is no.

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