Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Volunteers, Growth, & Leadership

Growth is slow. For instance, you can’t really watch your children grow. They look the same size tomorrow as they do today. But slowly, they are growing. By the end of summer their clothes won’t fit and will have to buy them new clothes.

One of the signs of church health at PCC is observed in our volunteers. Many of our new believers become volunteers. Then some of those volunteers become ministry leaders, team leaders, or department heads. This starts with simply allowing the believer to jump in and serve. They grow as they learn… on-the-job.

Many of our volunteers start out having to be told exactly what to do. But over time they just figure it out, do a good job, and learn what it means to serve Christ in an actual ministry capacity. They learn to solve problems and get the task accomplished without having to run to a staff member for every little detail.

Any church that wants to see their people grow must give their people opportunities to serve.

I don’t know how many volunteers we have. I estimate roughly 140 – perhaps more. I can remember when there were only 3 or four. Of those 140, many are emerging with real leadership potential.

Just so you know, we are always watching.

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