Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some Christians Bother Me

I love Christ. It is some of His followers who turn me off! The truth is, I have a hard time loving some believers – even though I know I am supposed to.

I wished I liked all Christians, but I don’t. They are so judgmental. They are mean. They will argue and fight – and even disfellowship you - over the silliest things. Then there is the Angry Street Preacher who is yelling at the top of his lungs. What is he so mad about? And some Christians are just plain weird. Let’s not forget Christian television either – some of these people make my job almost impossible. Ever see those women with Pepto-Bismol-colored hair? See what I mean? And we’re supposed to be on the same team!

Enough with ranting. Let me get a little closer to home and a bit more specific. These are the things that really rub me the wrong way about some Christian people:

1. They seem angry and bitter about a lot of stuff. Why do so many believers have such bad attitudes? I thought we were supposed to have joy and peace.

2. Some have a greater allegiance to their theology more than to Jesus Himself. I mean some people will even go to blows over their belief system. If you cross them they will make it their mission in life to prove themselves right. I know a lot of people who love their doctrine more than they love Christ.

3. They are more concerned with the BMW next door than the lost person who drives it. Some Christians (or should I say church people) seem to hate anyone who has more money than they do. They will gladly fellowship with others who are in the same financial bracket as they're in, and are quite satisfied to let rich people go to hell.

4. They get morbid pleasure in seeing another believer or another church fail. You’ve seen it. There is this secret gloating when they see another fail. Some are brazen enough to just come right out in the open and say it, “He had it coming.” Maybe it’s our base nature, I don’t know, but there’s something within all of us that likes to see the high and mighty fall. That’s why gossip magazines are big business. But Christian people should never be like this… and yet many are – towards their brothers in Christ!

5. They use prayer (or God’s sovereignty) as an excuse for inaction. They are waiting for God to do His thing, but they won’t do their thing.

So much for the things I don’t like about some Christians. Let me close by telling you a few things about believers I DO like:

I love my weekly small group meetings. The guys who attend are imperfect, real, and often transparent. I love it when God fills our church with Christian people who are reliable, steady, and always there through thick and thin. You can count on them. I love the people who send me thank you notes that help brighten my day. I love the people who donate sacrificially to Pace Community Church to help us do quality ministry in a God-honoring way. I love it when God’s people pray… and when He answers. I love it when people use their spiritual gifts – not for themselves – but for ministry and to edify the Body of Christ. I love it when people “get it” – they start understanding grace, and they bubble over with it. I love it when imperfect people have a collision with a perfect God…. and God wins!

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