Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump

Good day. Attendance was back up (from last Sunday which began spring break).

I started losing my voice in second service. Apparently I am not totally back from my cold/flu.

Today’s message was “Take This Job & Love It” based upon 1 Peter 2:18-25. We learned how our lives can glorify God if we are good employees, do a good job, and even suffer for doing good… following the example of Christ.

No fewer than one dozen people spoke to me after service expressing how the message spoke to them in some special way. This really surprised me because “talking about work” isn’t such an exciting subject. Plus I was very weak physically, and I don’t think my delivery was that good. But it underscores the point that God honors His Word and it accomplishes what He intends it to do…even in our weaknesses.

A couple was visiting from Tampa FL. They spoke to me after second service and asked, “Is there any church like this in Tampa you could recommend to us? We want to rededicate our lives to God, and have been trying a few churches, but they are so stiff! We just don’t fit. But we have never experienced anything like this! It is so refreshing. Plus, the message was about real life… which is what we need.”

Hearing things like this never gets old.

The motorcycle riders group met at church today for an afternoon ride. I think they even had some guests in service with them. It was pretty impressive to see all those choppers in the parking lot, and exciting to hear them all crank up at the same time. I hope they had a good day together….

Our security measures are improving. We taking some serious steps in regard to security, inside and outside.

Consider this: Think about the power of a life COMPLETELY SURRENDERED to GOD. What would God do with such a person?

BTW, God’s Word is not a suggestion or recommendation, but instructions and commands for His people to obey. The KEY to living in freedom is HEARING God’s voice (from His Word) and then DOING what it says.
If God is not FIRST PLACE in every area of our lives, then He is not first place.

Easter is only two Sundays away:
  • In two weeks our parking lot will have more cars in it than you’ve ever seen
  • In two weeks our building will be packed to capacity
  • In two weeks our children’s ministry will see scores of kids who will respond in faith to Jesus Christ
  • In two weeks dozens of people will commit to Jesus Christ as they hear the gospel and they will begin their spiritual journey of transformation
  • In two weeks the people you have been praying for, and who face a Christless eternity, will meet and experience the love of God
  • In two weeks…. your prayers will be answered
  • In two weeks we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

I’m asking every PCCer to GO ALL OUT in getting your friends and family members to Church with you on Easter Sunday. We are going to have an excellent song selection, a video presentation, and a solid Bible message on the resurrection. Right now the working plan is this:

  • Service Theme – This is the Life He Offers
  • Video Theme – Say What You Need to Say

Loved the music today.

The new acoustic panels seemed to help with sound control.

Next Sunday we’re having communion and special prayer. I’m anticipating a breakthrough.

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