Friday, April 24, 2009

Blogs I am Working (web logs)

Your “Pastor in a Book” (How people will read books by their favorite authors and all of a sudden their church is not spiritual enough for them any longer. Then they leave in search of a better church. I will probably include an excerpt of a letter I received a while back)

Stop Dating the Church (How people treat churches like the singles dating scene by staying aloof and never really commit to the church)

Smells Like Skunk (how to identify a skunk)

One-Way Forgiveness (Do we forgive an offender if he/she is unrepentant and shows no remorse? What if the offender never even acknowledges his offense? What does God require of us in such situations?)

Expository Preaching (A good style of preaching and teaching to use. A method I use myself; in fact I'm currently using this method through the book of I Peter. But this blog will be a response to those extremists who say this is the BEST or ONLY true method of preaching)

The Crippling Effect of Unqualified Elders (Most power-hungry types are not even qualified to be in leadership in a church. This blog will show the crippling effects upon churches if such people ever gain a foothold)

Promoting Talent Over Integrity
("We know he's a thief and a liar, but he plays the organ so well." Why integrity in ministry is paramount.)

Letting Committees Steer the Ship
("I wanted a 100 watt bulb, but the finance committee decided to give me a 40 watt bulb instead." Why committees are a disaster).

Dumb Things that Smart Christians Believe (We'll take a look at common "myths" that smart people believe. i.e., Having faith in faith... Forgiving Means Forgetting... Going to Church Guarantees Godly Kids... God Has an Exact Blueprint for My Life... Christians Shouldn't Judge... God Brings Good Luck... etc.).

A 20/20 Vision for PCC. I believe our best days are still ahead of us. God is doing some great things in us and through us... and this is only a precursor of what lies ahead. PCC's future is to have regional impact - something I will be sharing with you.

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